Welcome to Hunt Vac Services, LLC News Page!

Please check out our website, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube pages. We are in the process of updating, posting pictures /videos of our projects in and around the St. Louis area. We also have projects going on in TN, Southern MO, with more to come.  Stay updated with Hunt Vac’s coming and goings. We are growing and on the move.

————-Latest News————-

This is 812 Theresa, SLT DEMO teamed up with Hunt Vac to knock it down today!
What else would we do on a day like today! Beautiful weather for this project.

A little bit of excitement from out on the field today.

Received this picture from one of our Field Supervisors while working on a new project today!! Momma has to be close by!! Working with Hunt you never know what you will see or where you will be working!!

Hunt Vac’s General Manager Lucy returned to work this week. She forgot her hat, so we had to help her out this morning

It has been awhile since my last update. Work has and is exploding for Hunt Vac Services. We are extremely excited for the amount of work that has come our way. Stay tuned for updates on that!! I am posting pictures of projects we are currently finishing up in St Louis. Steelcote and Steelcote Brewery. The pictures show the history– the brick walls are amazing along with the old transit windows and those views!!

————-Older News————-

Hunt Vac Services, LLC would like to welcome Bryan Purcell to the team. Bryan comes to us from Tradebe Environmental and will be managing our team from our satellite office in Tennessee.

We are very pleased to have Bryan aboard and we look forward to him being an added member of the Hunt Vac Team.  Bryans first day with us was 8-5-2018.

Woodward Lofts, making opening for the Court Yard by removing the doghouses on the roof. Can’t wait to see the view of the court yard.

Hunt Vac Services, LLC has been awarded a 1-year contract from MODOT for Drain Cleaning Services.

Currently the entire HVS team is busy down south working for a client.

Union Station on the new STL Aquarium is ongoing and making progress. We are thrilled to be part of the project and can’t wait to see the Aquarium when it is completed. Follow us for updates and pics!

Work at the Woodward Lofts is ongoing—we are excited to see the Lofts once completed. Follow us for updates and pics!

Rusty Rider received Laborer of the Year 2017 by Local 42!  Way to go Rusty! Hunt is happy that you are part of our team!!  Rusty is in the yellow